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OPENING HOURS - Daily 5.30PM-10PM Open hours list
  • Teppanyaki


    Hamabe's teppanyaki is not only a treat for your sense of taste but also for your sense of sight. The famous teppanyaki counter at Hamabe is undoubtedly a highlight of the restaurant, where guests are treated to a theatrical performance of appetizing dishes being cooked right in front of their eyes.
  • Robatayaki


    The Hamabe robata grill was inspired by fishermen in northern Japan's Sendai region who would gather around a communal source of heat on board their boats to cook food and stay warm while at sea. Robatayaki is slow cooked meat, seafood and vegetables over hot coals to retain their natural flavors and served on wooden paddles. 
  • Shabu Shabu


    Hamabe offers a delightful dining experience with their Shabu Shabu cuisine. Shabu Shabu is a traditional Japanese hot pot dish where guests cook a variety of fresh ingredients in a flavorful broth at their own table.

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